Chad Harvey   |   I’ve learned that every day provides us with new opportunities to succeed, learn and grow.

It’s The People That Inspire Me

I’m inspired by the innate creativity of the human spirit. I walk away from every coaching session learning something and I think ‘wow!’ I love that I have the ability to engage with people at a very deep and meaningful level. I never once think about getting up early or traveling to distant locations for meetings. I am very inspired by the work that I do and it’s because of the people who I engage with every day.

My Take On Coaching

Every leader is on their own journey and my job is to help them become the hero of their own story by enabling them to uncover their true path and walk with them. I am not a coach with a 24-point checklist, an EOS implementer or a slave to psychometric tools. All have their place, yet applied indiscriminately and in lieu of meaningful 1-1 contact, all fail. That’s because while the issues all leaders face are similar, no two people face the exact same issue at the exact same time under the exact same circumstances.

My coaching is personal and specific to you. Together, we will create a powerful partnership where you drive the agenda and take action. I provide an objective perspective that allows you to create a deeper understanding of yourself and your business while also enforcing accountability. It’s my job to cultivate your insight and offer observations, questions, methodologies, and tools to hone your skills, deepen your learning, and allow you to achieve your desired results.

Your journey is your own. My job is to walk beside you during your current journey, get you to reflect on your past journeys and prepare you for the road that lies ahead. Together, our combined experience creates the conditions to blend past and present into a vision of your future success.

What I Bring

My personal life experiences have provided great value to me on my own journey and I enjoy sharing them to help you discover which of your own experiences are most relevant to your journey. Together, we’ll figure out how the map reading skills that you picked up somewhere else will help you make the hard decision today.

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. My personal leadership journey will never end, and yours won’t either. The key is to find lessons in hardships and evolve as a result. Gain more insight by walking side by side with me through my struggles in my ebook, Leadership in Real Life.

Leadership In Real Life

To make sense of what we see when we look outward, we must also be able to look inward. This isn’t something that most business books talk about, yet it’s critically important to your success and you are already equipped with the necessary tools and experiences. You must understand yourself first.