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Finding a trusted speaker for your event can be tricky. Staying ahead of technological advancements is crucial.

Chad Harvey’s dynamic keynote sessions offer an in-depth exploration of generative AI’s impact on leadership and innovation.

By booking Chad, you ensure your team gains essential insights into AI fundamentals, business applications, and future trends, empowering them to navigate this transformative technology confidently.

AI for the C-Suite™ Keynote

Join Chad Harvey for an enlightening journey through the world of generative artificial intelligence (AI). His keynote address, based on the highly sought-after program AI for the C-Suite™, provides a comprehensive overview of AI fundamentals. This session demystifies complex concepts and highlights practical applications, preparing your team to leverage AI for strategic leadership.

Key Topics Covered

  • Understanding Generative AI: Explore what generative AI is and its origins.
  • Rapid Advancements: Learn why generative AI is evolving so quickly.
  • Significance and Impact: Discover why generative AI is a game-changer.
  • AI Tools and Policies: Identify available AI tools and how to develop effective AI usage policies.
  • Practical Applications: Gain insights into how AI can enhance creativity, decision-making, and operational efficiencies.

Why Book Chad?

Chad Harvey is an experienced coach, strategist, and speaker who specializes in educating leaders about AI. His sessions are designed to provide valuable perspectives that inform strategic approaches, whether you’re leveraging AI for a competitive advantage or understanding its industry impact.

What Others Are Saying

“Our session with Chad was exactly what we’d hoped for when we engaged him for this important investment in our team.” — Jason Fralick, President/CEO, HRG

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