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“No one is born a perfect leader and fully capable of handling every situation in the best way possible. The best leaders accept that they are—and will always be—works in progress that continually need to learn and adapt, and then continue learning and adapting.”

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Sky’s the Limit
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Sky’s the Limit

I sat in the audience listening to the CEO speak about his organization’s recent achievements and they seemed impressive. Progress had been made in multiple diverse areas, stakeholders were satisfied overall, and the company appeared to be operating successfully. Throughout...

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Mike Myers as Austin Powers ©1997 New Line Cinema. All rights reserved.
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You’ve Lost Your Mojo. Now What?

A business owner sold his company, began enjoying his new-found wealth and within a year was still asking himself, “OK, what now?” A power CEO retired, moved south and golfed every day for six months, then promptly spiraled into a...

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0 / Editor / May 16, 2018