Friday, January 27, 2017

Red sun at night, sailors’ delight. Red sun at morning, sailors take warning.

A 3rd generation family-owned business recently woke to a very red sun when, during a 14 month period, they went from positive growth to losing market share to low-cost competitors. Much like the “red sun” in the ancient mariners’ rhyme, “red oceans” occur when competitors turn the marketplace red with blood… and it’s terrifying to experience. A Blue Ocean Strategy, which this company is already executing, will bring about the desired “red sun at night” by moving into open, non-competitive waters. Sun Tzu’s quote “Be where your enemy is not” perfectly summarizes Blue Ocean Strategy and HBR’s “The Explainer” also provides an excellent 2 minute video overview.

While gracefully weathering a red sun morning is key, cruising swiftly to a blue ocean is your top priority. So full speed ahead.

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