Friday, November 12, 2021

The world is changing rapidly which means forward-looking leaders are comprehensively reevaluating what role their organization must play for stakeholders. Larry Culp, CEO of General Electric recently summarized this quite succinctly when he said:

Increasingly, recruitment and retention is about more than the corporate whole. It’s about position and purpose… There was a point in time when people said, ‘I want to work for GE.’ Today, people are more focused on addressing climate, or being in health care, or in aviation. I think going forward, what we do in recruiting and retention will be a function of what we are doing from a P&L situation.

Your organization is likely much nimbler than those in the Fortune 1000 which begs the question: Do you understand what your stakeholders value and how are you evolving to meet their expectations?

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be strong. Lead well.