Friday, September 1, 2017

Is your workplace highly effective?  SHRM’s forthcoming National Study of the Changing Workforce has some interesting findings about highly effective workplaces – including the fact that only 35% of U.S. employers foster a highly effective environment. Those employers see much greater engagement and have longer tenured employees versus the least effective workplaces which have more depressed employees with sleep issues and higher stress levels.  Learn more about the 7 Components of an Effective Workplace here and then consider these tips for creating a highly effective workplace:

1. Provide learning opportunities as a part of everyday work life.
2. Create a culture where supervisors support the job success of their teams.
3. Be mindful of the positive and negative repercussions of autonomy.
4. Foster workplace belongingness.
5. Support a culture of work-life fit.
6. Improve advancement systems.
7. Recognize and reward the importance of supportive co-worker relationships.

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