Rare Disease Day 2019

“Give blood, But you may find that blood is not enough.”
– Pete Townsend –

Every day millions of Americans wake up to do battle with their own bodies – and I guarantee that some of them work with you. #RareDiseaseDay shines a spotlight on this fight and I appreciate everyone’s support over the past week as I’ve shared rare disease information and stories with you. Because of your engagement, tomorrow I’ll share with you my story about a rare disease challenge I faced many years ago – including two of the hard won lessons I took from that experience. Today, though, break out the hashtags, make your voice heard and support the people you know who are quietly waging a war that the rest of us don’t understand or fully appreciate.

Today is #RareDiseaseDay! Click here for a video from me or visit rarediseaseday.org to show your support.