Thursday, April 9, 2020

“Female officers first have to demonstrate their competence by performing as well or better than their male counterparts, but then they are penalized for violating gender expectations, becoming the target of backlash.”
– Dr. Allison Abbe –

Female leaders often walk a difficult path – battling against both stereotypes and preconceived notions of gender-influenced “likability.” Nowhere is this tension more acute than in the military, which Dr. Abbe explores in her piece The Balancing Act for Female Officers. Click here for her article, then consider how your organization’s culture might be reflected in her article and what that might mean for your future actions as a leader.

Finally, two new sections have been added to the resource page – one regarding Mental Health & Wellness and a separate sections concerning Building Guidelines. Additionally, these are the newest individual resources added:

    • PA Hospital Preparedness Dashboard. This dashboard provides at-a-glance county-level information on COVID-19 in Pennsylvania including the number of available beds and ventilators in use at facilities across the state
    • Working Remotely During COVID-19 from the American Psychiatric Association
    • Building Water Quality and Coronavirus: Flushing Guidance for Periods of Low or No Use
    • Guidance for Building Water Systems
    • Legal analysis – Are You Cleaning Your Buildings Adequately? PA Secretary of Health Imposes Cleaning Protocols on Landlords

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