Thursday, May 9, 2019

“[You will] hold Midway and inflict maximum damage on the enemy by strong attrition tactics.”
– Admiral Chester W. Nimitz’s orders to USS Enterprise, May 1942 –

Culture can spring in part from inanimate objects that take on a personality, life and mythos of their own – such as the USS Enterprise CV-6 – commissioned May 1938. After surviving the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, Enterprise went on to earn 20 battle stars and became the most decorated U.S. ship of WWII. Known as both “The Big E” and “The Fighting Lady” she also served as the namesake inspiration for Gene Roddenberry’s starship in the original Star Trek.

Click here to learn more about the USS Enterprise and then consider your organization’s culture. What stories, successes and failures have crafted your culture and are you continuing to shape it through new tales or merely relying upon past history?