Tuesday, February 5, 2019

“What do you call a dense, overly lengthy contract that is loaded with legal jargon and virtually impossible for a nonlawyer to understand? The status quo.”
– Shawn Burton –

When’s the last time you reviewed the “standard” terms and conditions in your contracts? Consider this: Reading out loud all 73,198 words in Amazon’s Kindle terms and conditions will take you 8 hours and 59 minutes. (Seriously. Click here for the video).

Absurd contracts aren’t just a Silicon Valley problem, though, and they have serious implications for your business. When contracts are both incomprehensible and absurdly long we lose the ability to interact with our customers, suppliers and contractors as human beings. Consider this as you strike new deals and create new opportunities because when boilerplate strips away our ability to consent to something then language itself loses all meaning, significantly diminishing your ability to form and nurture relationships.

Click here to learn more about The Case for Plain-Language Contracts and as always, keep it simple!