Tuesday, May 1, 2018

“People always make the best exploits. I’ve never found it hard to hack most people. If you listen to them, watch them, their vulnerabilities are like a neon sign screwed into their heads.”
– Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot –

This Technology Tuesday, let’s talk cybersecurity… which can make many folks uncomfortable. Worse than discomfort, though, many leaders actively avoid thinking about concepts like data breaches, cybersecurity, hackers and ransomware because they don’t understand how they work. Pretending that these issues don’t exist will haunt you later and the savvy leader should take the time to understand a few key concepts. Here are three resources that I recommend to help expand your understanding of this subject.

Resource 1. In September 2017, I penned a post detailing how to protect your identify following the Equifax data breach. The information is as timely today as it was in 2017.

Resource 2. Once your data’s been stolen, it’s important to understand how criminals monetize it.  8 Ways Hackers Monetize Stolen Data is a good primer on the subject.

Resource 3. Vistage, Cisco and the National Center for the Middle Market recently prepared an excellent report titled “Cyberthreats and solutions for small and midsize businesses.” While this is typically the type of resource that I provide exclusively to our Vistage members, it’s important enough that I want you to have it. Please email me at chad@chadharvey.com to request a copy and I’ll send it right over to you.

Be safe out there, kiddies.