Mindfulness for Leaders: Upgrade Your Wetware to Human 2.0

Creating internal space around your thoughts is one of the most important things that a leader can do to make better decisions. Without a disciplined approach to creating this space, though, the journey can be difficult.  Fortunately, a map for your journey exists through the practice of mindfulness.

While I do believe that mindfulness is a skill critical to modern leaders, I’m definitely not an expert.  Consequently, I’ll refer to someone who is – my friend, Matt Tenney – author, speaker and all around mindfulness expert.

I was recently privileged to review an advance copy of Matt’s new book The Mindfulness Edge, co-written with Dr. Tim Gard, which tackles mindfulness as both a practice and a science. Addressing mindfulness in this manner allows the authors to tackle some awfully big questions – but to do so in a way that is surprisingly relatable and immediately actionable. In today’s time-crunched always-on world this is a huge win for the reader. As an additional bonus, I also learned that mindfulness will thicken my Insula (something I didn’t even realize that I needed). ☺

If you’re at all intrigued by the practice of mindfulness, ask yourself whether you’d like to:

  • Learn about mindfulness through real world examples, interesting stories and mini-case studies.
  • Develop a better Leadership Presence.
  • See the world more clearly.
  • Decrease mind wandering and increase present moment awareness.
  • Increase emotional intelligence.
  • Geek out on the science underlying mindfulness. (If yes, the scientific “neuro notes” in The Mindfulness Edge will satisfy your need for detail).
  • Obtain a step by step guide for beginner and intermediate level practice of mindfulness.
  • Recalibrate your cognitive biases.
  • Have a happier and more fulfilling life.

If any of the above points resonate with you, then I encourage you to pick up a copy of The Mindfulness Edge.  It’s an approachable exploration of both the practice and science of mindfulness that builds firmly upon the foundation begun in Matt Tenney’s first book Serve to Be Great. It’s also an ideal starting point for those new to the practice of mindfulness, yet still filled with tremendous value to experienced practitioners.

Better decisions, better leadership and an improved human condition are within your reach.


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