The New Chad Harvey Dot Com

The New Chad Harvey Dot Com

I’ve got some exciting changes to share with you – so this post will be more informative and less inspirational – but I guarantee that you’re going to like what I’m up to.

First, I want you to know that I remain committed to the principles underlying the original Daily Leadership Inspiration. I still believe that:

  1. Mindfulness, quiet time and self-reflection are critical tools that every leader needs in their kit.
  2. Technology is now how business gets done. Put another way, every business is now a technology business.
  3. Philosophers, military leaders and strategists can teach us a great deal about leadership. Actions and thoughts that occurred in the past are just as relevant today as when they were born.
  4. Leadership inspiration and lessons are drawn just as readily from the arts as they are from Sun Tzu, Dale Carnegie, James Collins or any other “go-to” business expert or text. Disregard lessons from the arts and literature to your own detriment.
  5. We all get one life and none of us are schizophrenics with separate business and private lives. This means that there needs to be joy, purpose and meaning in our work lives – so, occasionally I’ll throw something fun your way that struck my fancy.

Next, during the past few years, I’ve received an increasing number of inquiries to share more thoughts, articles and resources with you.  To help accomplish that, I’ve been overhauling the look, feel and content of my online presence. Beginning later this month, you’ll notice some changes with your Leadership Inspiration.

  1. We will now publish Monday-Wednesday-Friday, instead of daily.
  2. Monday and Wednesday will now be a mixture of resources, articles and quotations while Friday will remain (mostly) as is.
  3. I’ll now publish two blog articles per month that will “drop” on Wednesday’s.
  4. Beginning today, all content will now be published here at
  5. Finally, I’m pleased to announce the release of my new ebook “Leadership in Real Life.” It’s deliberately compact and I look forward to releasing additional sections during the coming months. Complimentary copies are available to all subscribers at this link. Please click through to verify your address and download a copy.

The last several years have been an amazing journey and I’m honored that you’ve been a part of that with me. I can’t wait to continue sharing and working with you in 2018 and beyond.


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