What is Vistage?

What is Vistage?

As a Vistage Chair, I get asked the question “What is Vistage?” quite often. Therefore, you would think I’d have a silver bullet answer, right?

Not so.

You might as well ask me to describe my first middle school dance or the scent of the air after a midsummer thunderstorm. Sure, I can talk about the look-smell-taste-feel-sound of it all. However, what I would share are mere words. To really understand, you would have to experience those things for yourself.

The same applies to Vistage.

Vistage is very tangible and results-driven. Yet ultimately, it’s an experience. And like any experience, it is what you make of it.

My job as Chair of a Vistage group is to create the necessary conditions for success for each member individually as well as for the group as a whole.

If I had to describe the Vistage experience, I’d say this:

Vistage is an ongoing set of powerful experiences that occur within a trusting and supportive environment. These experiences cumulatively build upon each other, allowing you to make better decisions, become a more effective leader (and human being) and ultimately achieve your goals. The “ROI” is specific to you and your needs and is limited solely by how open you are to unbiased feedback, continuing education, the experiences of others in your group and the need for change.

With my description firmly in mind, here’s a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of one of my monthly Vistage meetings.

That’s it. That’s the very best I can do to answer the question “What is Vistage?” without putting you in the room to experience it for yourself. If you’re intrigued and want to learn more, hit the bat signal and let’s talk. I’m forming a second Vistage group in Central PA right now and, if you’re a lifelong learner who can accept unbiased feedback, I’d love to introduce you to the Vistage experience.

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