Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

Our Vistage group was recently privileged to have Al Wenger speak with us and share some of the lessons he has learned during his distinguished career. Al began his professional journey with Wenger Feeds in Rheems PA, eventually serving as both Executive Officer and Equity Partner. He was also the Agribusiness Coordinator at Harrisburg Area Community College, where he taught multiple courses and helped to introduce Agribusiness as both a Certificate and Associate Degree program. Al’s passion goes well beyond agribusiness, though, and his quest to acquire and share knowledge has firmly established him as a thought leader.

When Al spoke with our group, he was kind enough to share some “war stories” and distill them into some of the valuable lessons he has learned and found most valuable. His advice to us through those lessons includes:

  1. You’re not that smart.
  2. Always conduct after-action reviews.
  3. Acquire, connect, and integrate your knowledge.
  4. Know what business you’re in.
  5. Shut up and listen.
  6. Be transparent and honest.

Finally, I asked Al one important question after he spoke with our group. Listen here to hear the question and find out what he said.

As a Vistage Chair, I work with amazing leaders that belong to our group. Equally rewarding, though, is the opportunity to meet and learn from thought leaders like Al. Thanks, Al!

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