Scream as Loud as You Can on the Way Down!

Scream as Loud as You Can on the Way Down!

Recently, I visited a historic resort in Pennsylvania for a professional development retreat. By the way, Pennsylvania has a number of historic properties reminiscent of—although not quite as ominous as—The Overlook Hotel from “The Shining.” While there, I had some free time between sessions.

As I wandered the grounds, I found myself on the far side of the resort, confronted by the ruins of a mysterious, abandoned apparatus. Upon closer inspection, the device revealed itself to be an old toboggan run. (It was probably abandoned due to liability issues…I mean, the thing looked menacing!) What really caught my attention, though, was that among the posted rules for use was rule number three, which read, “SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN ON THE WAY DOWN!!”

fun workplace

Since the rules were screaming at me in ALL CAPS, I knew they meant business. And I started to wonder how many organizations not only encourage fun but expressly promote it and purposefully inject it into their DNA? Far too few, I think.

I can already hear the pushback about the idea of “having fun” at work. Yet if you really want to attract top talent and create a place that inspires them to be at their best, then fun must be a part of your lexicon.

Where the Fun Is

To further illustrate this, here are two places that have “chosen fun.”


You may be familiar with outdoor retailer Patagonia’s environmental stewardship. Did you also know that 90 percent of the company’s employees say it’s a “great place to work“?

Dickmann Manufacturing Company

Dickmann is an over 60-year-old family-owned metal stamping and fabrication business in Grafton, Wisconsin. Despite the seriousness of their work, they choose to inject fun into what they do.

How Can You Make Your Workplace More Fun?

Finally, if you’d like to inject some fun into your workplace but struggle with how to begin, here are 11 Easy Ways to Make Work More Fun. And don’t forget to let your people know that they should scream as loud as they can on the way down. If nothing else, you’ll at least know that they’re enjoying the ride.

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