Life by Design: Strategic Life Planning

Life by Design: Strategic Life Planning

Are you really living the life that you want?

That was the challenge posed to our Vistage group members when we worked with Irina Baranov recently. Irina is a Vistage Chair, speaker, and proponent of the idea that, just like our organizations, our lives are worthy of and can benefit from strategic planning.

Irina’s session enabled each of us to dig deep into the eight areas of our life that are most important (and different!) for each of us. And, while no two “wheels of life” are identical, the imperative to take action is.

After our session, I asked Irina about strategic life planning and what she wants everyone to know about purposefully designing their life. Watch my brief interview with Irina and learn what she had to say.

Remember, your fulfillment in life requires forethought, purposeful optimization, and ACTION!


Chad Harvey (00:05): Chad Harvey here with Irina Baranov, guru of Life Design, Vistage chair, Vistage speaker. We just finished a fantastic session with you.

Irina Baranov (00:05): So fun.

Chad Harvey (00:14): Oh, it was awesome.

Irina Baranov (00:15): Great group.

Chad Harvey (00:15): I loved it. Yes, they loved you. So, your topic was life by design. What is the one thing that you wish everybody could consider or think about or know regarding purposely designing their life?

Irina Baranov (00:27): Yeah, so the sub-line there is not by default. Life by design not by default. The one thing I would say I want people to know is unless you plan it, unless you’re super intentional about designing your life, just like you design your business, the way you’re strategically planning to be successful in business. If you’re not strategically planning to be successful in life, it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be by default. You’re going to be on autopilot and you’re going to be optimizing for society’s needs and your parents’ wishes for you and your family’s wishes for you. It’s just going to be autopilot and you don’t want that. You want it to be super intentional and you want to design for what you want, for what you want to optimize for. That’s the one thing, sit down either with a Vistage group or with caring loved ones who push you and challenge you and say, “Are you really living the life you want to be living?”

Chad Harvey (01:18): I love it. That’s great advice. We wouldn’t do it in business because nothing happens by accident, so why would we let that happen in our personal lives?

Irina Baranov (01:24): Exactly.

Chad Harvey (01:25): Thank you very much.

Irina Baranov (01:26): My pleasure.

Chad Harvey (01:26): Chad Harvey here with Irina Baranov.

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