Life by Design: Strategic Life Planning

Life by Design: Strategic Life Planning

Are you really living the life that you want?

That was the challenge posed to our Vistage group members when we worked with Irina Baranov recently. Irina is a Vistage Chair, speaker, and proponent of the idea that, just like our organizations, our lives are worthy of and can benefit from strategic planning.

Irina’s session enabled each of us to dig deep into the eight areas of our life that are most important (and different!) for each of us. And, while no two “wheels of life” are identical, the imperative to take action is.

After our session, I asked Irina about strategic life planning and what she wants everyone to know about purposefully designing their life. Watch my brief interview with Irina and learn what she had to say.

Remember, your fulfillment in life requires forethought, purposeful optimization, and ACTION!

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