“Brand Love” with Anne Candido

“Brand Love” with Anne Candido

What is your biggest opportunity for growth? What does a “10-star experience” look like? How do you create a new brand or reinvigorate an iconic one? What in the world is “brand love?”

These are some of the questions that brand expert, author, and Vistage speaker Anne Candido recently tackled when she worked with our Vistage group. Anne is the author of The Super-Highway of Relevancy: Getting More People to Choose Your Brand, More Often, Indefinitely available by clicking here and a highly sought-after brand consultant.

After our session, Anne and I discussed the idea of “brand love” and how to build long-term, emotional connections with your customers. Click here to learn what Anne had to say when I asked her why anyone should care about “brand love” and then Click here to visit her website for even more information.

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