The Neuroscience of Sales

The Neuroscience of Sales

Consider what you know about sales. Chances are you’ve got a few nuggets of wisdom squirreled way.

Now, consider what you know about the neuroscience of sales. What did you come up with this time?

If you drew a blank, you’re not alone. That’s why I recently asked John Asher of Asher Strategies, a world-renowned expert on this topic, to work with both of my Vistage groups.

John’s sessions with us went wide and deep. Several other subjects they dove into included:

  • Emotional intelligence (and the importance of emotion in our interactions)
  • The power of “why” for an organization
  • Unique Sales Propositions (USPs)
  • The four personality styles of buyers (and how to best reach them)
  • How to proactively identify the best salespeople for your organization

These topics barely scratch the surface of our sessions, so I encourage you to visit the Asher Strategies website for more information.

After our session ended, I asked John what the one thing is that he’d like everyone to know about the neuroscience of sales. Here’s what he said.

If you want to pick my brain about how gaining a greater understanding of the neuroscience of sales can benefit your organization, let’s talk!


Chad Harvey (00:05): Chad Harvey here with John Asher, expert on the neuroscience of sales. John, I always like to ask one question and it’s one question about one thing. What’s the one thing you’d like everyone to know about the neuroscience of sales?

John Asher (00:19): Thanks, Chad. Great to be here with you as always. And really the one thing is salespeople, the great salespeople have four things going for them. One, they know how to build rapport with new prospects. Two, they understand how to do a needs analysis and be the perfect listener. Three, they know how to offer customized solutions. And four, they know how to sell to the buyer’s old brain. And when you’ve got that knowledge and understand the six activators that wake up the buyer’s old brain, now you’ve got the superior salespeople.

Chad Harvey (00:50): I asked for one thing, he snuck in a four and a six. I love it. Thanks, John.

John Asher (00:54): You’re welcome.

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