Yescalate: Get to Yes Faster with Dean Minuto

Yescalate: Get to Yes Faster with Dean Minuto

What does your brain need to say “Yes.” This question has occupied award-winning speaker and sales strategy coach Dean Minuto for several decades. At a recent Vistage retreat, he brought his considerable experience to bear when working with our group.

Dean asks thought-provoking questions to move your process forward like “Have I created any obstacles that I need to remove?” and “Have I been deliberate with the environment that I create?” (Answers to those questions are usually “Yes” and “Probably not”).

After our workshop, I sat down with Dean and asked him what the one thing is that he wishes people knew about getting to “yes.”

That’s when he brought out the props.

Take a look at and listen to my conversation with Dean. Then visit Dean’s website to learn more about his acclaimed sales approach, YESCALATE®.

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