Four Truths Key To Navigating This New Landscape

Four Truths Key To Navigating This New Landscape

Take a moment and think back six weeks to March 6th. Chances are that those six weeks feel more like six years. Much of that is due to the fact that the human mind has great difficulty grasping the idea of exponential change. Yet our species is nothing if not adaptable and the leaders who are best weathering our current crisis understand four truths key to navigating this new landscape.

  1. Learn (and unlearn) fast. Information is changing rapidly – requiring you to learn and unlearn things at a breakneck pace.
  2. Agility and action. Mental agility is useless unless you create a bias toward action and move fast.
  3. Decisions revisited. Because information changes rapidly, yesterday’s decisions may need to be modified or made differently today.
  4. Perspective, peers and solitude. Leaders surrounded with head nodding, groupthink suck-ups (or leaders who choose isolation) quickly lose perspective, sacrificing any previously held advantage. Yet leaders who engage with trusted peers expand their perspective and increase their advantage.

There are other truths from the past six weeks but these four fundamental ones are key. Consider them as you head into another exponential-fueled weekend and…

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be strong. Lead well.

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