Heather Lutze and The Findability Formula for Attracting Customers

Heather Lutze and The Findability Formula for Attracting Customers

I recently had the privilege of working with SEO expert Heather Lutze. Heather helps companies understand how to drive the right kind of traffic to their websites. She is an accomplished search engine optimization (SEO) expert, author, speaker, and founder of Findability University.

Heather offers a workshop titled The Findability Formula: Profitable Strategies for Drawing Customers to Your Website, and I took away a ton of actionable items from her sessions. During the workshop, Heather asked, “What are we saying to a robot about who we are?” That question really caught my attention because considering it forces us to sharpen the focus of our content creation.

Heather also enlightened us about how many different versions of Google there are, how to continuously validate search rankings, how to get more cost-effective pay-per-click results, and why Pinterest matters to search engines.

After our week of workshops ended, I sat down with Heather for a “bring your own coffee” type of conversation. There was one final question on my mind that she was kind enough to answer. Watch my interview with Heather to find out how she responded and what else we discussed.

I also encourage you to pick up a copy of Heather’s latest book, Marketing Espionage, and start directing the right traffic to your website.

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