My Conversation with Carolyn Strauss: Managing People, Power and Priorities

My Conversation with Carolyn Strauss: Managing People, Power and Priorities

Carolyn Strauss knows a thing or two about getting stuff done. One of the things she knows is just how important it is to effectively manage yourself. That’s why I asked her to share some of her hard-won knowledge with CEOs and leaders in two of the Vistage groups I work with.

As a CEO who for 18 years repped her company’s apparel on The Home Shopping Network, Carolyn became adept at sales, persuasion, and execution. A member of the Screen Actors Guild and a Certified Speaking Professional™, she has parlayed her vast professional experience into programs that help business owners see real ROI.

When Carolyn worked with our groups, she walked us through a variety of exercises and techniques that folks can use to assess, prioritize, and effect positive change in their personal and professional relationships. Among other things, Carolyn helped everyone in my groups understand:

  • How to protect and create boundaries around their time and attention;
  • Determine where their teams must focus to create better productivity and generate higher DPM’s (Dollars Per Minute™); and
  • The basic instinctual differences between men and women—and how to communicate more effectively at work and at home by leveraging those differences.

The time Carolyn spent with us left me curious as to what advice she might provide others who haven’t engaged with one of her programs. So, I asked her what the one thing is that she wishes everyone might learn from her.

Watch my conversation with Carolyn to discover her answer, and then check out her website to learn more about her programs and how she might assist your organization.


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