The Pursuit of Profit – Insight from Steve Heroux

The Pursuit of Profit – Insight from Steve Heroux

What if you could unlock the secret to sales success by creating, motivating, and effecting results from a high-performance sales team? That’s the secret recipe that Steve Heroux from Victory Selling brings to organizations to help them improve their sales.

Steve recently spent some time with two of the Central Pennsylvania Vistage groups I work with. It was time well spent for us! We learned lots of new vocabulary words (like ”commission breath”) and concepts that can significantly change an organization’s volume and caliber of results. Also, I finally found someone who’s willing to call out poor sales practices, techniques, and methodologies for what they truly are – complete junk.

Steve covered a great deal of ground including:

  • Why it’s critical to reward the activity versus the result,
  • Six competencies that comprise the “Will to Sell,”
  • How to identify and hire top sales performers,
  • The difference between KPIs and DPIs,
  • The worst question a salesperson can ever ask,
  • And much more.

At the end of our second day together, I asked Steve about his mission to change the world and the one thing he wishes everyone knew about sales. Watch my conversation with Steve now to learn what he shared. Then, cruise over to his website and check out his book Sales Is Not A Dirty Word!: The Definitive Guide for Success in Sales.


Chad Harvey: Chad Harvey here with Steve Heroux. Steve, we just wrapped two days. Excellent sessions with your program, The Pursuit of Profitability. What is one thing that you wish everybody knew about sales and selling and the mission that you’re on?

Steve Heroux: Quotas don’t work. They’ve never worked. They won’t work. It’s just not something that drives salespeople. Quotas don’t drive production. Activity drives quotas.

We’ve all heard about KPIs. We talked about that a lot. KPIs also don’t drive activity. It’s something called DPIs, which are daily performance indicators. If you help salespeople figure out what they should be doing every single day, and you just do those things, activity increases, connections increase, sales increase.

Chad Harvey: Wow, what a novel concept. Daily activities actually lead to results.

Steve Heroux: Yeah.

Chad Harvey: I love it.

Steve Heroux: Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. A lot of people don’t really know this because we’ve all been taught about quotas, but the people that set the quotas also have never set foot in the field. We should probably be setting quotas or goals or targets that relate to what people want, not what the company wants.

It was a blast with you guys and we had a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to come back, so thanks.

Chad Harvey: Fantastic, Steve. Great couple of days. Thanks for all your expertise.

Steve Heroux: Thanks man. 

Chad Harvey: All right. Thank you.

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