10 Big Questions About Tomorrow

10 Big Questions About Tomorrow

How numerous and big are your questions? Mine are not only multiplying in number but also growing in scale. All aspects of life and business are evolving with increasing rapidity during this Exponential Age of ours. Grappling with the changes we see every day — by pondering big questions — is important for making some sense of them. Below, you’ll find ten of the questions rattling around my noggin lately.

My Top-of-Mind Questions

  1. Has neo-liberalism run its course?
  2. Are we properly measuring productivity increases from the last 20 years of digital transformation or are we using outdated metrics?
  3. Do some tenets of stakeholder capitalism offer a path for organizations to evolve their ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) practices?
  4. How will blockchain change the way SMB’s conduct business?
  5. In what ways should organizations automate and digitize to mitigate the talent shortage?
  6. Will organizations adapt their talent strategies quickly enough to survive what’s being billed as the “Great Resignation”?
  7. What do the deployment of sophisticated cyberwarfare tools developed by nation-states mean for the private sector as these weapons slip their leashes?
  8. In an era of inbound marketing focused on SEO where every organization claims to be a trusted “partner,” how can a company stand out from every other also-ran?
  9. Historically, there is evidence to support the theory that pandemics depress investment opportunities and increase pressure on real wages. Are we beginning to see this play out?
  10. Are my clients’ companies focused on building the organization of tomorrow or desperately clinging to an outdated model from yesteryear?

What’s Next?

If you were looking for a pithy summary that answers these big issues, then you’re out of luck. I raised these questions to help pry you out of your current mindset and spur you to think about the larger forces at play around us.

I know you’re rightly busy running your operation— after all, the donuts still must be made. Yet if we’ve learned anything from the last two years, it is that big questions matter in the Exponential Age. To riff on Ferris Bueller’s parting words, change occurs swiftly, and if you don’t ask yourself big questions every once in a while, you’ll miss what’s actually happening all around you.

What big questions are on your mind? If you want some help delving into and working through them, drop me a line! Or feel free to DM me or hit me up in the comments. I’d love to know what you’re thinking.

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