Friday, August 30, 2019

When I was young, our collective future held the promise of flying cars and robot housekeepers. Yet the gulf between expectation and reality was too wide and I now find myself in “the future” sans my flying car.

A similar “expectation gulf” exists in all organizations and accounts for a large percentage of workplace dissatisfaction. Yet this is where leaders who diligently work to know each individual on their team excel. They identify each person’s “expectation gulf” and work to either bridge it, fill it in or fly over it.

The next time one of your direct reports expresses dissatisfaction, dig a little deeper to identify where their expectation gulf is. Only then can you address the root cause.

As for my personal expectation gulf, this June I finally purchased my very first robotic vacuum. And you know what? It did help me to feel a little more like I actually live in the future.

Have a great Friday and may your holiday weekend be filled with fully realized expectations!