Friday, June 9, 2017

When you conduct terminations, “firing people in humane and caring ways is best for the organization, the people doing the firing, and those who are sent packing.” This wisdom comes courtesy of Dr. Robert Sutton, who has found that leaders who do firing well:

1. Give affected people as much prediction about how the process will unfold so they suffer as few unpleasant surprises.
2. Create understanding by explaining why the decision was made to people who are sent packing and to their surviving colleagues.
3. Find little ways that people who are let go can exercise control over how and when they leave.
4. Express compassion to the person who is being fired and when they discuss the person with others.

Leaders don’t relish terminations, but their necessity mandates that you effectively carry them out.  To do this, make Dr. Sutton’s firing guidelines required reading and then embrace your own humanity.

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