Friday, March 16, 2018

This week we lost one of the greatest minds of our age when Professor Stephen Hawking’s light left this world. And we also lost a human who possessed an ironclad force of will.

The good Professor exerted sheer force of will to achieve his many accomplishments with his adult existence the very definition of mind over matter. This willpower enabled him to move gracefully from his role as brilliant scientist to scientific ambassador to the world, ending ultimately with his status as a cultural icon… after all, how many scientists do you know who’ve guest-starred on both The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory?

Hawking was brilliant and funny but without his iron-clad will he might have never realized his full potential. So today, consider the role that willpower plays in your life. With apologies to The Dude, and “in the parlance of our times,” you might also call it Grit, Drive or Discipline. Whatever you call it, though, ask yourself this question: “What can I accomplish when I unleash my willpower?”

Have a great weekend.

Factual Friday brought to you by Chad Harvey