Friday, March 20, 2020

It feels slightly disingenuous to talk about inspiration during this time of national crisis but there is much cause for optimism. Plus, today is Fred Rogers’ birthday and being a bit more neighborly sounds exactly like what we need right now. Further, government at all levels is slowly rousing from its slumber to mobilize and confront our enemy. And well-meaning people in the private and nonprofit sector are also prepared to do their part… even if that means simply staying home.

This past week I have been preparing daily briefings for my clients and members to help them make better decisions. Today I’m summarizing the resources from this past week for you and I will continue to provide updated information and resources that you may rely upon during the coming weeks. Click here for a special video from me along with my updated resource page titled COVID-19 Resource List for Leaders Part 2.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be brave. Lead well.

Your friend in good health,