Friday, September 22, 2017

Your brain doesn’t come with a manual which means that most of us spend a lifetime figuring out ourselves and others. Fortunately, our understanding of the brain has expanded dramatically over the past ten years. Unfortunately, many of us still cling to inaccurate information. Your success depends upon continually learning and applying new information, so here are four false neuroscience myths that may be holding you and your team back:

1. Some of us are “left-brained” and some are “right-brained,” and this helps explain differences in learning.
2. Seeing letters backwards is a common sign of dyslexia.
3. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles means that everyone learns best by embracing their preferred learning style.
4. Listening to classical music increases children’s reasoning abilities.

For further reading, check out “How Some Myths about the Brain Just Don’t Go Away.” Now get out there and get to learning.

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