Thursday, April 23, 2020

“There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets, and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.
– Katharine Graham –

Long before 2017’s movie The Post there was Katharine Graham’s Pulitzer Prize winning book Personal History (which I remember reading in the Fall of 1997). While her story has always stuck with me, I never thought about it within a military context. So seeing the movie The Post ranked at #2 on a list of leadership movies published by the U.S. Army War College’s Whiteboard both surprised and resonated with me. As the person who nominated The Post so aptly articulated, though, “The over-arching leadership theme that The Post so effectively conveys is the familiar choice between the harder right and the easier wrong.”

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