Thursday, Decemberber 1, 2022

“With the return of intensive great-power competition, the Cold War experience should encourage what the historian Zachary Shore refers to as strategic empathy, or ‘the skill of understanding what drives and constrains one’s adversary.’ ”
– Kyle Balzer –

You have inherent biases that are impeding your success. (It’s OK – we all do). Yet when you’re a nation-state locked in a Cold War against an enigmatic adversary, systemic biases like ethnocentrism can have dramatic consequences as they did for the United States. To learn how the U.S. intelligence community came to grips with these biases and attempted a major course correction, Click here for the article National Styles, Strategic Empathy, and Cold War Nuclear Strategy. Then start asking your trusted advisors what biases of yours may be impeding your growth and (re)set your course accordingly.

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