Thursday, January 7, 2021

I’m suspending today’s normal message to share a few thoughts with you about yesterday’s events in Washington, D.C.

What we witnessed Wednesday was completely unacceptable. It is a failure of leadership that comes directly from the current occupant of the Oval Office and it runs counter to EVERYTHING that I value as a leader, an executive coach and a citizen of the United States. As such, I will not remain silent about this completely avoidable desecration of our most hallowed halls of governance.

Every day I send you messages that I hope will inspire you to evolve as a leader and enable you to become a better human being. I undertake this effort because I believe that YOU are a source of inspiration to those you work with and that this country’s best leaders work within small and medium sized enterprises.

I believe that small to medium sized enterprises are the backbone of this country and that good leaders like you toil tirelessly to improve our communities and the lives of your stakeholders.

I believe that good people must no longer remain silent and turn a blind eye to the unacceptable, nonfactual hyper-partisan rhetoric that is damaging our Republic.

And, finally, I believe that we are still working together toward a greater purpose and building a better tomorrow.

What happened Wednesday can never be allowed to happen again. I call upon everyone who reads this message to take seriously their responsibility as a citizen and leader within their community, reject partisan extremism and become an active participant in the reconstruction of our shared destiny.

If you don’t like what I have to say, I invite you to have a meaningful conversation with me about this subject. If this message does strikes a chord, I encourage you to share it widely and ask yourself what YOU will do to become an active participant in the reconstruction of our shared destiny and exert a POSITIVE influence on our country and communities.

I purposefully choose to work with leaders who have a moral compass, respect our democratic institutions and believe in the power of this amazing country – despite its many faults. Because of this, my conscience and my responsibility as a counselor of leaders will not allow me to remain silent on this subject any longer.

Your words matter. Your leadership matters. YOU matter. Carry these ideas with you and please join with me in exerting whatever influence you have to ensure that we NEVER again create the conditions that lead to the travesty we witnessed on Wednesday

Thank you.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be strong. Lead well.