Thursday, March 7, 2024

“Dual-use technologies are not new, but the ubiquity on the battlefield in Ukraine of commercially provided elements of what is commonly known as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” appears qualitatively different to previous eras.”
– Caverley, Kapsteun, Kavanagh, et. al. –

In 2022 U.S. Defense Secretary Austin charged the DOD with crafting the first-ever national defense industrial strategy or NDIS. It’s a critically important topic and, prior to the release of the NDIS in January 2024, , several military scholars co-authored a paper setting forth their vision for what NDIS should include. To learn more about why we need NDIS and what the final plan envisions, Click here for the article One Size Fits None: Thebes United States Needs a Grand Defense Industrial Strategy then Click here for the full NDIS.

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