Thursday, May 16, 2024

“The potential for autonomous air-to-air combat has been imaginable for decades, but the reality has remained a distant dream until now. This is a transformational moment.”
– USAF Secretary Frank Kendall –

In early May 2024 an F-16 fighter named Vista took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California. It was piloted by an experimental AI system and engaged in a simulated dogfight with a separate, human-piloted F-16. I’m remaining purposefully agnostic on this issue and instead sharing it solely to inform you about this development. To learn more, Click here for the article An AI-controlled fighter jet with the Air Force secretary onboard flew against a human pilot in a secret dogfight: ‘It’s a security risk not to have it’ or Click here for the article Air Force secretary gets taste of future of aviation combat in AI-piloted craft.

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