Thursday, September 20, 2018

“Air and space are not two separate media to be divided by a line and to be readily separated into two distinct categories; they are in truth a single indivisible field of operations…”
– General Thomas Dresser White, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, 1958 –

The question of creating a separate U.S. “Space Force” recently made news and this week the U.S. Air Force Association weighed in on the idea. Their position paper stated “The question of standing up a new armed service for space is not “if,” but “when,” and the “when” is the time all the conditions for creating a separate armed force for space are met.” Click here to read the full position paper.

Framing the “Space Force” question in a conditional manner using objective criteria is an excellent way to discuss the issue intelligently. And if you think that this discussion doesn’t apply to you, consider how a conditional framework might be applied the next time your organization contemplates a new product, service or expansion of any type.