Tuesday, May 14, 2019

“People want what’s best for them, and they can switch on a dime, because there’s always a new disruptor disrupting the last disruptor. So companies should just strive to keep changing and adapting to their customers’ needs.”
– Ben Chestnut –

Good tech startup stories that don’t involve Unicorn valuations, bizarre personalities, “bro culture” behavior and the inevitable, ultimate flame-out are often difficulty to find. And then there’s the antithesis of all that – Mailchimp.

Click here for a recent interview with Mailchimp’s founder Ben Chestnut or Click here for a 2016 profile piece on Ben and the company. And take inspiration from this story of a failed e-greeting site that pivoted to a boot-strapped, non-IPO service tailored to meet your needs and not the needs of a VC firm.