Wednesday, April 3, 2024

“I’m always going to be the founder of BILL, no matter what, right? The heart and soul and culture, that’s the easy part of being a founder. The hard part of leading is actually changing and growing as the leader that the organization needs, and that’s the CEO role.”
– René Lacerte –

Founders and entrepreneurs often make statements like “Titles don’t matter” and “I’ll do any job.” Those statements say a great deal about the mentality needed to shepherd an organization through the many challenges it will face. Yet titles do matter – especially when they reflect how you view your leadership role. For one Founder’s take on this question (plus much more) check out Fortune’s Leadership NEXT’s interview BILL’s René Lacerte To Silicon Valley Founders: ‘Don’t Come Here To Make Money.’ Click here to listen to the interview on Apple or Click here to listen on Spotify.

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