Friday, February 16, 2018

Being an effective leader means being both reflective and deliberate, so today take six minutes and be a little of both.

First, using the initial two minutes, recall a leadership action you took within the past six months. The outcome could have been the one you desired or “other.” What matters is what you think about the action, why you took it and how it made you feel.

Next, take the second two minute block and think about who you are as a leader. Ask yourself questions like “How does my recent action reflect my leadership style?” or “What is my style?”

Finally, take the remaining two minutes and in two sentences or less write down the type of leader you are. (Remember, brevity is beautiful).

Your written leadership description isn’t a complete value statement or a life philosophy. Instead, let it serve as a self-reflective meditation on your leadership. Then, the next time you need to take action, consider your decision through the lens of your leadership statement and let that serve as a catalyst for your personal growth. Because you’re the only one capable of doing that hard work.

Factual Friday brought to you by Chad Harvey