Friday, January 27, 2023

When you pay attention to how pieces are moving around the Big Board it’s apparent that we’re living through a rapidly changing era that’s simultaneously fascinating and terrifying.

The rise (and promise) of Artificial Intelligence. Geopolitical upheaval, shifting demographics and a reexamination of old assumptions about the nature of “work.” The relocation of manufacturing. A shift away from fossil fuels. The waning – and likely end – of Pax Americana.

All of these macro trends plus many, many more are likely to leave even the most capable leaders shaking their heads in frustration. What does it mean? Where do we turn? Where’s OUR safe harbor?

Every one of us will answer these questions differently. Yet there is one prudent course of action: Create a community that nurtures and supports itself. Prioritizing and investing in people is THE way forward and will require you to develop and further refine new skills, new priorities and a new mindset.

Will you rise to meet the challenge(s) of this new era or remain wedded to the world that was? It’s your call.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be strong. Lead well.