Friday, March 1, 2024

In addition to living in The Exponential Age, it is becoming increasingly clear that we have entered a transitionary period. Welcome to Interstitial Space.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re discussing the passing of the demographic baton from Boomers to X-ers and Millenials, the transition from internal combustion engines to electric, hydrogen or “other” fuels or the shift to work which creates value through the manipulation and management of automated and semi-autonomous systems. The bottom line is that we’re in Interstitial Space.

Transitions are always messy and rife with uncertainty. They create the conditions for rampant fear while simultaneously allowing the opportunity for forward-focused thinkers, dreamers and entrepreneurs to create what comes next. Basically, up feels likes it’s down and down feels like it’s even further down while true “up” feels increasingly out of reach. In other words, it can feel hopelessly chaotic.

Yet there is good news. Interstitial spaces are by definition transitional which makes our Age a temporary period connecting what was to what will be. That makes the most important tool in your possession your mindset. So…

Will you continue to struggle to let go of what was or will you embrace what comes next? The choice is yours.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be strong. Lead well.