Monday, December 24, 2018

In honor of years’ end, I’m easing off the leadership development accelerator and over the next week I’ll share a few fun items with you beginning with today’s special anniversary.

Anders: Oh my God! Look at that picture over there! There’s the Earth coming up. Wow, that’s pretty.
Borman: Hey, don’t take that, it’s not scheduled. (joking)
Anders: (laughs) You got a color film, Jim? Hand me that roll of color quick, would you…
Lovell: Oh man, that’s great!

Fifty years ago today, Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders snapped one of the most iconic photographs ever – Earthrise. As seen in the above transcript from that moment, the photo wasn’t scheduled and almost didn’t happen. But it did happen and it forever changed the way we view our planet. Click here to see the photo and read a brief retrospective from National Geographic.