Tuesday, April 23, 2019

“Society can only be understood through a study of the messages and the communication facilities which belong to it; and that in the future development of these messages and communication facilities, messages between man and machines, between machines and man, and between machine and machine, are destined to play an ever-increasing part.”
– Dr. Norbert Wiener –

20% of your website traffic is from a Bot and one of their goals is to circumvent your protections and vacuum up ALL of your site’s information. This is one of the many findings from the 2019 Bad Bot Report and, if your content is important to you, it’s time to take notice because the Bots know where your content lives and they’re ravenous.

Click here for the 2019 Bad Bot Report and remember that your content is a form of currency – so make sure that you’re the only one spending it.