“How to Be a Happy, Healthy Human” with Dan Miller

“How to Be a Happy, Healthy Human” with Dan Miller

Why did you even bother waking up today? This is one of many provocative questions that internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert Dan Miller recently posed to one of the Vistage groups that I Chair. With multiple master’s degrees and a continual thirst to learn, Dan isn’t your average nutrition “expert”—he’s on a mission to save (and change) lives.

Dan’s practical wisdom on everything from supplements to water and caffeine intake is matched only by the cutting-edge research he brings to his audience. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), the positive benefits of saunas, and the interaction between your environment and your DNA are examples of the wisdom he shares. My favorite “Dan-ism” by far, though, is this: “If you feast every day, you die early.” Brilliant.

After we wrapped up our workshop, I asked Dan to share one thing he wants everyone to know. I believe his answer will surprise you! Watch my video with Dan to hear what he has to say. Then, visit his website to learn more about how you, too, can be a Happy, Healthy Human.


Chad Harvey (00:05): Chad Harvey here with Vistage 2019 Speaker of the Year, Dan Miller, ultrahuman himself, man on a mission. Dan, we just wrapped an awesome session with you on how to maximize basically what and who we are in these meat sacks, as you put it.

Dan Miller (00:19): Meet suits, you guys.

Chad Harvey (00:20): Meat suits, I love it. What is one thing that you would like everybody to know?

Dan Miller (00:25): I think the most important thing for you to understand about your health is that you are an animal locked in a cage, eating synthetic food, without a tribe. So if you can get closer to people, go outside more often, and stop eating heavily processed synthetic foods most of the time, your health will change and it’s very little effort to do that.

Chad Harvey (00:46): Fantastic. I love it.

Dan Miller (00:46): I appreciate it.

Chad Harvey (00:47): Thanks for your time today, Dan.

Dan Miller (00:49): Thank you very much.

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